“The Magic Crew”
                                  Let yourself be entertained and amazed by the unusual charm of                                   the programs from Don Rafael and his "Magic Crew"!                                          Since the age of eight, Don Rafael deals with witchcraft. In                                       1992 he started his professional career as a magician. Since                                       then, a number of events have been carried out. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, open days, exhibitions, openings, product launches, street festivals, on stage, at the bar, at the table, at other places and at all occasions. Magic for you:  always, anywhere and each occasion. If birthday, Company party, Fair Wedding Private, in operation, in the family ....... Alone, with the „Magic crew“, with an assistant. As well as, you need it. In the air, on water, on land! At the table, on stage, close Up! - Indoor, outdoor, in the hall - Give me a call!